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Linguistics Studies Program

Linguistics Minor Mission Statement:

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, which addresses its use; acquisition; structure at the sound, word, and sentence level; and relationship with culture and society. The interdisciplinary Linguistics Studies Minor at the College of Charleston allows students to acquire the basic foundation of the field, learn about diverse components of linguistics, and develop analytical skills. The course offerings include the structural study of language, historical evolution, function in cultural and social contexts, and connections to other disciplines.

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LINGUISTICS CLUB!    Are you interested in Linguistics? Intrigued by language research? Sounds, words, meaning, foreign languages, language history, language and society, language and the brain… all of these subjects and more are part of the exciting world of linguistics.

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For more info, please contact the club officers: 

Will Davis, President
Liz Hagen, Treasurer
Chris Morley, Vice President of Event Planning
Paige Lucas, Vice President of Communication

or advisors:

Dr. Alyson Eggleston, LCWA
Dr. Hilary Barnes, Hispanic Studies

Linguistics Minor
Program Director
Elizabeth A. Martínez-Gibson, PhD
Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
Nationally Certified Medical Interpreter, Spanish
JC Long Bldg, 9 Liberty Street, Room 141