Linguistics Studies Minor

Language is everywhere, in all areas of our lives.

Language is what makes us human. whatwithlinguisticsminor.jpg

Linguistics is the scientific study of language; it helps us observe and analyze how language works as a unique scientific area of study.

Linguists investigate the sounds (phonetics & phonology), the structures (morphology & syntax), and meaning (semantics & pragmatics) of human language. With this we can explore how language is learned and processed (psycholinguistics & neurolinguistics; first & second language acquisition), evolved through time (historical linguistics), and used in its social context (sociolinguistics & linɡuistic anthropoloɡy), and even in computation and linguistic analysis (computational linguistics).

Linguistics is a truly interdisciplinary field!


Hear what our students say:

  Elena Minolfo, Linguistics Minor '22


Blaine Billings, Linguistics Minor '20


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LINGUISTICS CLUB! Are you interested in Linguistics? Intrigued by language research? Sounds, words, meaning, foreign languages, language history, language and society, language and the brain… all of these subjects and more are part of the exciting world of linguistics.

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Club Advisors:
Dr. Ezequiel Durand-López
Dr. Colleen Moorman

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Linguistics Studies Director: Dr. Ricard Viñas de Puig